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Providing a Scenic Location for Movies and Photo Shoots

Location scouting is an essential process in the early stages of filmmaking and commercial photography. Once the directors, producers, and scriptwriters have decided what kind of scenery needed for scenes shot outside the studio, the search for a suitable place begins. Serenata Farm is a spectacular and interesting venue and is a staple for any location scout.

Films and TV Shows Shot in Georgia

Madison, Georgia has been a favorite of many who come to experience its old-world charm and tour of homes, but did you know that many movies have been filmed here? Some recent movie productions include Kelsey Grammer’s “Charming Hearts of Men,” “Zombieland: Double Tap,” Amazon’s “The Underground Railroad,” and “Quantico,” to name a few.

Aerial view of farmstead, property, events venue at Serenata Farm in Madison, GA
Flowers and yard in events venue at Serenata Farm in Madison, GA

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